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  • Manson2910

    End of Clone wars

    March 17, 2013 by Manson2910

    Guys I have some bad news GeorgeLucas films and Disney are bringing a close on StarWars the clonewars we have to admit it has been an amazing 6 years, 2008-2013 but sadly the this saga has to end but this will not go in vain cause Starwars episode 7 is coming and may be followed by 8 and 9. All our questions will be answered at the end. 

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  • Manson2910


    February 12, 2013 by Manson2910

    RP number 1, adding pictures are also allowed.  Just comment for Rping

    Cody: This is Commander Cody, to all republic units anyone out there? I repeat is anyone out there we are under a full seperatist assault! We need ba- (end transmission) 

    We're on our own for now troops! (Shoots B2 super battle droid)

    (Turns and shoots commando droid in the head) Come on move!

    (Runs to a boulder)

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