The Commando Droid

"He beated the Crap out of him!"

Rex's remark on how it nearly killed Cody.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Height: 6 ft 3 inches

Name: Scarred Commando Droid

Weapons: Rex's Blaster Pistol, Vibro Sword, E5-Blaster Rifle.

Bio: This droid is known for overwhelming and severely injuring Commander Cody, it defeated many Clones and Captured Fujiwara with ease. It has a Scar on its forehead, but painted it white.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Its more skilled than its other Companions as it Beated Clone Commander Cody and Sparred with and destroyed other Commando Droids. Its most notable feature is its Scar on its head, however it painted it White to show it as a Sign of experience. It was Strong enough to throw Cody across the entire room.