Rex: Copy that! Send a team down there to neutralize the Factory!

Denal: Destroy the factory?! Seriously!? Surely you just-

Rex: YES, I am Serious! and don't call me Shirley.


There is a factory on Geonosis that is one of the Main supply of Separatist droid sources, we've been Spying on this factory for quite awhile a now is the time to strike it. We'll send a team of four specialized units to destroy the factory from the inside without alerting it, this team must be silent or all is lost.


  • Infiltrate Factory via underground disposal area.
  • Make your way from the Halls to the core. (WARNING: The hall ways are extremely long)
  • Plant Republic Obliteration Bomb into the engineering room.
  • Quickly make your way out of the Factory.
  • Mission accomplished ladies and Gentle men.

(WARNING any guards who spotted the Forces will try to raise the alarm.)