Ryloth is a large dirt-landscape occupied by both Seperatist and Republic. The world is currently being a warzone against Droids as Clone troopers have a large foot hold. However, Droids are pounding their defenses with heavy Armor and Infantry. Will you help stop the opposing side from winning? Leave a comment below of you assisting or Attacking the Characters Displayed below.

Rules: Rex CANNOT be killed, he is a Main character and appears in later Events.

Enemies: B1 Battle Droids

B2 Super Battle droids

BX Commando Droids

IG-100 Magna Guards (In bases and temples only)

Captain Rex was rushing into Cover from a wide open battle with his Dual pistols.

"Come on Men!"

Rex yelled, as his troops advanced towards him.

"Carnivore company, Take the left flank! Viscesty Company, Take the right! Lets GO!"

Rex told his troops as the Droid army advances.

The Clones use a trench as a foot hold, Perfect for holding out against the attackers.

As the front B1's were being mowed down by the Blaster fire, in the Middle-Back of the Droid assault. A B2 Super battle droid Commander aimed its Rocket arm at Rexes Squad.

"HEADS DOWN! Get your heads down! Incoming!"

Rex yelled at his troops to take cover. The B2 fired at three unlucky Clone troopers, two of them completely disappeared in the smoke while one of them Flew into the air and landed on his neck.

"This is Captain Rex to ANY available Republic forces! we need back up!

This is where you come in Republic/Seperatist.